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Florence Squire Centre of Excellence

F.S.C.E. is a unique method of tutoring and studying for children aged 4-11. The emphasis is to build a ‘can do’ and ‘anything is possible’ attitude. The F.S.C.E. philosophy is to develop your child’s academic strengths and improve their academic weaknesses.

We work alongside the National Curriculum and through our individual and structured action plans, we enable our students to engage fully in the learning process and incorporate the skills and techniques which will enable them to work towards their full potential.

At F.S.C.E., we work to accompany the work that is done in the classroom. Our expertise comes in the form of working on a 1-2-1 basis, meaning we are able to focus on specific areas of difficulty and at the same time boost confidence and self belief.

We work with a range of abilities, whether your child is doing well or not they can always do better. Whether you require assistance with school homework, a project or have a specific area or topic, we can work with your child.

We have a number of parents who seek our help due to the fact that the educational system has evolved in such a way that the methods once taught and learnt are now unfamiliar.

Whilst fundamentally working with the child, we also think it is essential to work with the parents or guardians to ensure that the process is in sync. This can be through recommendations about home routines and extra curricular activiites.

We also utilise practical activities as useful ways to help our students learn and to promote positivity but most importantly to keep them engaged.