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The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

March 5, 2019 Describe Your Most Favourite Dish

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Describe your most favourite dish. Describe its taste, aromas and textures.

What is special about this dish to you?



My favourite dish is Jollof Rice. It is a rice dish that originated from West Africa, but is famous and known all around the world.

Jollof Rice is cooked on the base of blended tomatoes and spicy peppers that gives the rice a rich orange colour. You can have it with any meat of your choice, but the popular choices are usually: beef, chicken or even fish.

The dish may have a very oily substance to it but this is to make the rice have some moisture. The taste of it can vary dependant on how much chilly peppers, tomatoes and seasonings you add. You can have it spicy or not too spicy . The taste may change also depending on where you live because the ingredients may be less fresh based on where you live or shop.

When you try the rice you can taste luscious tomatoes and the zing of spice in your mouth.

For me, Jollof Rice is special because it is one of our favourite options to eat when we (our family) are celebrating something. I think it is unique because there is no other dish like it , there is no other dish that combines rice and tomatoes and it has carried on doing through generation to generation.

By Cruz  A , Year 6


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