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The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

August 24, 2017 If I were the King or Queen…

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“If I was the new king of England I would still live in the same house. I would make the living room 10 times bigger. On the wall I am going to have a 100 foot tall painting of me. I will have 17 guards and soldiers to protect me. Outside there will be 14 large flags.

Everyone is no longer allowed to eat sweets because they are too sugary and they will make your teeth fall out.

Now that I am king I will not have time to go to school because I’ll be too busy!

I will eat whatever I want, whenever I want. My servants will serve me Haribo, fajitas, pizza, Jollof Rice, ice-cream, milkshakes, McDonald’s and noodles whenever I want.

If anyone breaks the law then I will get all of their money and my servants will smack them on the bottom.

My family will live with me, but as I am king they cannot tell me what to do.

Some days I will wear a crown made of gold and diamonds. I will also have a long robe and some light blue jeans. Nike will make a special pair of Huarache trainers that will say, ‘King Alexander ‘ and have a picture of me on them.

I’m going to keep all of my money and a top secret place in my castle. I also have 500 gazillion pounds.”

By Alexander W., Year 1


“If I were the queen of England for one day, I would ask every single country to try and get along with their enemies, so that they can all live in peace and harmony all over the world.

I would call every charity in England and give them a lot of money so they could give to the poor and buy houses and live a happy life without suffering. I will give some money to children who have been abused by their parents so they could get adopted and live a healthy life in the world.
I will also look after and support the wildlife and make sure that the environment does not get damaged and destroyed.”

Student Aged 9


“If I were a Queen for a day  I will rule the whole world for just one day. I will rule all the people that live in the towns and the villages like in Woolwich, Catford and Deptford. I will tell everybody  all the  all the  good things  that they can do to earn some money for their children or maybe if they have  hobby. I will build a stadium and a swimming pool for the summer holidays so children and their parents could all go for a swim.”

Student Aged 7


“If I were the Queen of England for one day I would make sure that every child in England doesn’t go to school. I would make all the adults work for children, As Queen ‘S’ I would make everyone eat tuna and sweet corn sandwiches for lunch.  I would call all the children my age to my castle and we’d have a party. As queen ‘S’ I would help certain people with certain things for example, cooking their meals and paying their bills. I f I was queen I would give a present to the person which is the most peaceful. As Queen I would make all the criminals stay in Prison for seventy years. I would also mall all the prisons filthy and the only food available would be sloppy porridge.”

Student Aged 8


“If I were the King of England for one day, I would have every single sweet in the world and I would have sweets for my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would have every single sweet in the universe.

I would make the all the adults do my homework and I would make sure that all children are happy. I would give every child £100 and I would have sleepovers anywhere I want and where pyjamas all day. The kids would rule the world! Instead of £100, I would give the kids £100.

I would lock all the adults with a key and I make all the adults never to give me a hug and last of all I would close down all the vegetable shops.”

Student Aged 7


“If I were the Queen of England for one day I would eat sweets every two minutes. For my breakfast it would be McDonalds, lunch it would be Burger King and for dinner, Pizza Hut. For my dessert it would be mango ice cream.

I would be Head Teacher at my school and the kids would be the teachers. The kids will choose the food they eat.

Animals and humans will get enough food and shelter and I will make sure that the animals have a safe environment.

I would be the smartest person in the world, but not a geek and I will make the real Queen go to prison for the rest of her life.

I will play all the instruments in the world. I would tutor Mr Squire, but Mr Squire would be the best tutor in the world.”

Student Aged 10


“I would give one million pounds to my family, eat all the food I like and remove all the bubble gum off the ground because I do not like it.

I will buy a Bakugun and Beyblades, which are Sega toys. I would also get an electric guitar, a drum kit and become a millionaire.
I would buy a present for my mum and sister, buy all of the Sonic video games, a 3DS xl, a PS3 and an Xbox 360.
I will have a servant, swimming pool, have a clean house and go to Toys R US every day, I also want to go to Butlin’s and Sierre Leonne everyday.”

Student Aged 9


“If I were the king of England I would usually call my servants to go and buy tasty Pepperoni Pizza and bbq chicken wings. I would also tell my servants to cook everything I ask for and I might ask for vegetables and spaghetti with chicken and sauce. I would then tell the servants to set out the television and get the golden remote. My servants would have to clean up the whole castle. I will watch all the movies in the world.

Everyone would have to listen to exactly what I say.  I would also get the servant to buy me lots of golden things with some of my money. I will also make the servants buy and cook food for themselves.”

Student Aged 7


“If I was a king, I would relax all day until 24 hours is over. I would ask my servants to cook me something delicious and scrumptious. I would watch famous movies on a super television. Me and the queen would sleep in noble beds for 24 hours. After I would buy a coco spaniel dog so that I wouldn’t be bored. I would always take the dogs for charming walks to a big park for dogs. We would go to Czechoslovakia for the day to see my noble friend. Me and my friend always play on the noble computer in his big, blue, lumpy house and we always play with my dog. My dog would bark and say “hello” and “buy”. We will stay together always and be so happy.”

Student Aged 7


“If I were the Queen of England for one day I would be rich. I will have lots of money and a smart phone and ipad. I will go to good school, the best in the country and boss everyone around. I will wear lots of cute makeup and help children who are in need. To be a queen means you have to do lots of nice for people around the world. I will make the world a safer and cleaner world and everyone in the UK will have a house to live in.”

Student Aged 8


“If I were the king of England for one day I will give people rules and send the rules throughout the world. I will build castles and homes for people. I will make a statue and there be a crowd for everybody to see. I will build a hospital or a clinic if people are sick they will be treated.”



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