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The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

July 5, 2017 Composing different styles of letters

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Miquel M.

798 Banging Street



5F9 6PJ

Headteacher Mrs Dealasia

13 Lovelinge Road

The Ocupas Pange

76 789


Dear Mrs Dealasisa,

I am writing this letter to inform you that the school dinners I receive everyday are disgusting. You should not not be proud at the fact you are serving or allowing myself and my fellow students  to eat this type of food. It is my opinion that you should immediately fire the current chef.

Just this week I was served fish and chips, but instead of fish it was replaced with a piece of rubber, are we being poisoned? Other students have complained about being serving bleeding chicken and being forced to eat it regardless. If you are going to serve food at least make sure that is cooked properly.

Look I understand that you think you are providing meals for your students and according to you in the school newsletters, ‘Healthy food’; but if you don’t change the food or cook it properly, I will be forced to take this issue to a higher power like the council. Of course I am unsure of what the consequences will be but it could lead to the chef and yourself being fired or sent to prison.

I will leave this for you to deal with for now and hope that we do not have to speak about this issue again.   I also look forward to tasting betters meals very soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Miquel M.

Miquel M. Year 6 


Sem T

171 Medison Court

Marble Way

7HJ W3

Mrs Theresa May

10 Downing Street




Dear Mrs May,


A new cigarette company called ‘Smoking is Great’ is offering London a new cigarette. They say that ‘It lasts longer, comes in a variety of colours, has no smell, but has double the amount of tobacco and nicotine.’ I suggest that your government should ban this company and their new cigarettes immediately!


These cigarettes can cause problems to London and its people. These are my reasons as to why you should ban this company completely. The cigarette they sell lasts longer so it will cause more pollution. This is a problem because we wont be breathing in clean air and it will increase climate change. It never snows in London because of this.


There isn’t a concern with the colours because it is just a little change to the look.; It wont affect anybody and doesn’t make much of a difference.


The fact they have no smell can also be dangerous. When someone walks by a person with the new cigarette, they wont avoid it because it has no smell so they are likely to breath in the smoke. They could possibly choke and could get a disability in their lungs in the future.


Finally it has double the amount of nicotine and tobacco. This is a big issue because it can make more damage to your lungs and you wont breathe properly. Your heart will become weaker and slower; your bones and muscles will become weak too. You could also get mental health issues. Last week, a man almost fell off a cliff in Merchant’s Hill, Surrey because of this. This could lead to many more deaths.


Theresa, you need to get your mind off Brexit and think about the people! The cigarettes we have are bad enough! Civilian’s lives will be in danger if you don’t act now.


If you don’t ban this company and its new cigarettes, you will be known as a cheap failure and a sick Prime Minister!


I urge you and your government to act now and make the right decision and ban this company now.


Your sincerely


Sem T

Sem  T.,  Year  6 student


Andre P

710 Dorney

Adelaide Road



Mr David Cameron

10 Downing Street




Dear Mr Cameron,


My name is Andre and I am 10 years old. I live in a big flat called Dorney, in an area called Camden. I am writing a letter to you, to give you reasons why a company called ‘Smoking is Great’ should be banned.


Smoking damages your lungs, heart and throat. Nine million people in London have died of smoking in the last 4 years and the cigarettes the company now sell are only 50p; so more people will buy cigarettes and then that will double the amount of people smoking and dying unnecessarily.


One of the illnesses that smoking can cause is asthma. Asthma causes coughing, a tight chest and shortness of breath. Around 300 people have died of smoking related asthma in the last three months.


Another really bad disease smoking can cause is cancer. Cancer allows tumours to stop your body from working and then damages your heart, which leads to death . Four hundred million people have died in England, Scotland and Wales in the last 3 years and this number will continue to rise.


When people get all of these diseases they have to go to the hospital. There will be so many patients that eventually that doctors wont be able to cope and more patients will die before they can get the medical help they need.


When people smoke it leads to other people getting ill like pregnant women, babies/ little children and people with breathing conditions.


I hope you will consider my request and ban the company called ‘Smoking is Great’ because of the reasons I have given.


Yours sincerely,



Andre P.

Andre P., Year 6 student


Jayden M

St Thomas Road



SE22 0RG

Father Christmas

Santa’s Grotto

Reindeer Land





Dear Father Christmas,


I am writing to report that you broke my Chopper L50 on purpose and I am extremely angry and furious. I could understand if I had been naughty, but this year I have been one of the most well-behaved people in the world.


I know you broke my toy! I know this because the box was undamaged; it was beautifully wrapped and inside the box with broken pieces, contained                                                    a hat with a label, with your name on it. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT?!?


This year when the Year 6 teacher was sick with chicken pox , my headteacher asked me to teach her class (even though  I am only in Year 5). I was awarded a Care Award for the respect shown to the pupils and teachers at my school. I was actually presented the award by the Queen at Buckingham Palace.


This year, I discovered a cure for boredom in school (in my secret lab in my bedroom). It was shown all over the channel 4 news.


I managed to set up a yard sale business, so that I could pay all the bills for my family. Not just my family in London that I live with; but also my family in Belgium, Germany, France and Togo.


I demand you deliver to me personally a brand new Chopper L50 and a gold Plated Bugatti. I also want a brand new Ford X family car on my driveway by the morning.


Lastly, I expect a written apology from you; otherwise I will tell the world you are not real. Be warned I have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Whatsapp accounts, so if I spread the news you will certainly loose your job. All of this is your fault Santa! I am already thinking of how bad I am going to be next year. Don’t force me Santa!!!


Yours Angrily



Jayden M

Jayden M.,  Year 5 student


Our Students have been working on composing persuasive letters to a fictional Headteacher based on their feelings towards their own school lunches and how they could change them …

Dear Mr Trot,

As we are learning about persuasive writing, I thought it would be a good idea to persuade you to completely change our school dinners.

In most parts of the world, children don’t get free food and so we are very lucky at our school to get free school lunches. It’s just that at our school, the lunches are not very nice.

My mum told me “our school food is so bad” she would prefer me to have McDonald’s each day for lunch and that my dog, Max, wouldn’t even eat our school dinners. I told her that “McDonald’s is junk food and is not healthy” and she responded “Neither is your school lunch!”

I think that is because the dinner ladies at our school are very old, they have probably forgotten all the recipes they learnt before; and so maybe you could get some younger dinner ladies to come instead.

I have also noticed that most of the teachers except for Mr Russell, do not eat school dinners. I asked my teacher why she doesn’t eat school dinners and she said, she is allergic and has to eat her own special food. I don’t think she was telling the truth.

It would be a good idea if we the children could help to decide on the menu, each class could take it in turns in making a menu. Then we would get food that is more fun and would all enjoy eating it. I would also like it if you would stop making your own tomato ketchup because the colour changes, sometimes it is really red and at other times it is orangey red and also tastes unpleasant.

I hope you will think about my points.

Yours sincerely


Melanie,  Aged 9


Dear Mrs Wickers,

I am writing to inform you about my ideas on how I think school dinners could be improved.

I have received many complaints from students regarding how the meals look and taste, the lack of good choice and too many healthy options.

I would like to see more exciting meals like Pepperoni Pizzas, Meatballs and Cheeseburgers. I think it would be a great idea to serve these dishes because students will actually enjoy the food and finish eating their meals.

At the moment, students have one hour for their lunch break. I do not think this is enough time for their food to digest properly and not enough time to relax and socialise. I think 1 hour and fifty-five minutes would be better.

Many students have complained about having to queue for their food, and I think waiters would be more helpful. I also think you should consider having maids to clean up after the students and nice long wooden tables with cushioned seats.

At the moment, the only drinks that are served are milk and water. I would personally recommend 7up, Apple Juice, Tropical Juice, Fanta, Vanilla Milkshake and Coke; all of which will provide much more quality choice.

I think having a balance of healthy and junk food would help all the students to improve in their work.

Yours sincerely,


Debbie,  Year 6 student


Soliyana H.

Little Village

65 windy House

Planet Earth

SE16 R9

Prime Minister David Cameron

10 Downing Street





Dear Mr Cameron,

I am writing this letter on behalf of all the children in England about your new rule to on banning all children’s programmes.

This rule will make thousands of children lives a catastrophe . Both of my loyal parents are presenters of a children’s programme . This will cause them a shortage of money. In addition my baby brother watches programmes and he wont be able to learn how to count and speck.

If you ban children’s programmes you are banning children from watching educational programmes. Please Mr Cameron don’t ban my favourite programmes, it will make me feel crestfallen. If my parents lost their jobs they wont be able to pay the bills and their taxes, this will mean we loose our home which will leave me feeling heartbroken and unwanted.

If you would continue with this horrid law many people wont pick you in the next election, I bet this will eave you feeling upset, so don’t continue with this plan.

Your sincerely



Soliyana H.,  Year 5 student


Mr Splurtt

Flat 14 Block A

Marshall Road

Octary School

SE10 1KW

Melina R

Flat 10 Block D

Marhallow Ice Road

Hectabagona Square



16th March 2015


Dear Mr Splurtt,

I am writing you this letter to give you some ideas on how I think we could improve our school lunches.

Food is important throughout the whole school curriculum, but sometimes I wonder if the school really cares. The dinner ladies put in their worst attempts when it comes to cooking and even more so when comes to cleaning the plates. The plates are filled with snot and boogies, so maybe if possible we could raise a clinic service.

According to the information I received from students, everyone in our school agreed that our school lunches look and taste unpleasant compared to other schools.. Unlike most schools our school only serves healthy food, I would strongly recommend junk food to be served.

Considering that our school has lots of money and we could afford to, I was wondering if during lunch the teachers could volunteer to be maids. We would like some nice wooden tables and cushioned seats also.

Instead of having the dinner ladies to choose what we eat, (they are not good at their jobs!!!) I think that the students should have a say in what we eat. The dinner ladies have been for too long making terrible meals like cabbage stew and we have finally had enough.

I hope you have read the points I have raised and will consider making changes to our school lunches.

Yours sincerely

Melina R.

Year 5 student


Soliyana H

Lovley Cottage

592 Wembley House

Planet Earth


Mr Gum

Lovley Cottage

593 Wembley House

Planet Earth





Dear Mr Gum,


I am writing to you again because you have continued to throw your litter outside my front garden.


Yesterday morning, a poor old man tripped over your rubbish and now he has broken his skull. I got blamed for this incident and his daughter pressed charges against me! Please stop!


I have to clear out your garbage and everyday and it smells terrible, awful to be precise . I really don’t want to have to inform the police, but its my only option if this doesn’t stop.


Another reason for you to stop, is that I am worried that my children will trip over it all and get hurt. For health and safety it would be fantastic for everyone if you would stop.


Yours sincerely


Soliyana H.

Year 5 student



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