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The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

May 13, 2015 Revenge

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Our students have been looking at some creative introductions for a story titled ‘Revenge’

Six years ago in Australia, there lived 2 young and intelligent girls and an untrustworthy and deceitful boy called Kta. Kta had known and been friends with the girls for 6 years; they were actually neighbours and Kta lived opposite the girls. In school he wasn’t very popular because he always told lies and started fights with people.

The girls who are very popular became friends with Kta because he lives close to them, but also because they felt sorry for him as he has no friends.

The two girls called Sliena and Angel are cousins. Seliena has been living with Angel and her family for ten years, ever since her parents died of cancer. The girls are so close they are like sisters and they do everything together.

At the end of the summer term class Y9 had an end of year exam. They were told by the teacher the student with the highest result would be able to choose where they go on the next school trip. Angel got the highest result 90%, so she chose Portugal; because her family are from there and she had never visited before.

The trip to Portugal was for 1 month and all the children were excited. The class project was to design and make a model of a famous building. They were told to form groups but nobody wanted to work with Kta; so once again the girls took pity on him and allowed to be in their group. 

The group decided that they would hire a taxi driver to show them around the city of Lisbon as they knew nothing about the city.

The taxi driver called Henry was extremely pleasant and helpful and spent 2 hours driving and showing them around.

The girls decided that their favourite location was the Abstract Tower to the south of Lisbon. Kta was not excited or impressed with their choice .

The girls decided that they would do most of the designing of the model and Kta would do the building. Kta was not thrilled.

Sliena and Angel decided later that afternoon to go to lunch without Kta. This made him fell upset and angry. Without thinking and in horrible rage, Kta tore up all the designs and smashed up what had been built so far and then ran away…

By Yordanos, Year 5 student

In Botswana, in the middle of a village called Hutavile, lived a boy called Leo. He lived with his mum and dad. He is short, chubby and has brown hair. Leo loves video games and junk food but hates doing any physical activity.

Later that day, Leo’s mum demanded that he go to pick a bunch of Candy floss leaves from the mysterious Black Forest, (which wasn’t too far from where he lived) for a delicious but unhealthy salad she was going to make. Leo’s mum strongly believes that Leo doesn’t eat enough junk food.

After an hour or so, Leo who was extremely displeased, because he was enjoying the video game he was playing, but reluctantly set off to the Black Forest to pick up the Candy floss leaves. Whilst on his way, (driving of course!!) and texting, Leo felt a huge bump,

Leo then realised that he had just run over an enormous dinosaur. He looked around to see if anyone had seen what had happened and as no one had, shouted to himself, “WHO CARES!” Then he drove off and continued texting carelessly.

Later, Leo gets to the Black Forest and two animals and friends of the dinosaur, a fox and a rabbit are furious with Leo and hatch a plan to kidnap him.

By Rida, Year 5 student

A long time ago, possibly when your grandparents were only children, there lived three best friends Jamilia, Cloe and Jenna, but everyone called them the’ three musketeers ‘as they were inseparable. In fact they were triplets, but although they looked identical they had completely different personalities.

Jamilia was a quiet and respectful young lady. On the other hand, Jenna is the class clown, she is always ecstatic but is very bright and studious, Then there is Cloe, a beautiful girl with an bad temper. How is she different I hear you ask??? Well she is a tom-boy and is mad about football.

Life seems great for these girls at the moment , however when they were only young when their father passed away. Each girl has something to remember him by, Jamilia has his lucky necklace, Cloe has his watch and Jenna had a mini figure of a blue dolphin.

Once in awhile these girls would swap and keep with them an object belonging to the other, then later give it back.

But little did they know one day this would cause a massive argument that would lead to…

By Soliyana H., Year 5 student

HEAT Bean Café

“Nigel nous avons seulement eu trois jours jusqu’à ce que le café se ouvre et il n’y a eu deux réservations à ce jour. nous avons le critique Sunday Times de restaurant à venir”shouts Nigel’s head chef. “What are we going to do?”. “Don’t worry we are the best new chefs in town we’ll think of something” replies Nigel.

HEAT Bean Café is a new, fresh, contemporary and trendy restaurant about to be opened by Nigel Slacker, (the coolest new chef in town). The H.B.C is a brand new and unique restaurant that offers an exciting selection of posh beans and wine. Gordon Ramsbottom, owns a restaurant on the same road and is jealous of the new H.B.C. He has had the DJ Bar restaurant for 20 years and has won many awards for outstanding restaurant. He is an internationally trained chef and is so rich that people call him the ‘trillionare’.

Gordon instructed his staff to telephone the H.B.C and make false reservations. Within an hour the H.B.C had made enough bookings to fill the entire restaurant. Nigel was delighted that his restaurant was fully booked so with excitement he went to tell his head chef and they jumped with happiness so now they will impress the Sunday Times Critic so they can keep the café. They just had to take sure the beans were served superb and the wine was perfectly chilled.

Once the café’s sign had turned a couple started to slowly walk in, Nigel seated them on the table nearest the window so that it looked like the café was full. Nigel had told the Sunday Times Critic to come at 9 so that the restaurant was packed with happy diners. But as it was getting darker still no one had arrived except the one couple who was already paying the bill. Then the clock stroke 9 the Sunday Times Critic marched in and sat on a table at the back.

9, 10, 11 still no one The Times Critic were looking up at me and shaking their heads by then Nigel knew that something had gone terribly wrong. He had a feeling that it had to do with Gordon he has always played up on me. Nigel decided to get revenge!!

Chef Lalou accidently ordered super strong African chillies and if he served them to the customers they would get sued. So when Nigel was sitting at his desk still thinking of revenge Chef Lalou came in and said, “ je pense que je ai quelque chose qui pourrait vous intrest .”Nigel replied “ go on then tell me” Chef Lalou told him all about the wrong order and the sweet revenge Nigel thinks that, that might do the trick. To make sure that the phone calls were from Gordon they called the phone provider and asked them were all the calls had come from and the answer was obvious GORDON RAMSBOTTOM!!! Now their plan will definitely work.

“Ha ha ha my plan has finally worked all those years I have been trying to shut down that restaurant this is finally it!” Gordon shouted mischievously. Gordon had no idea what was coming but he would soon find out. As Gordon’s DJ Bar closed for the night, Gordon walked up the flight of stairs up to his one bed apartment. “ claire, aller avant qu’il revient à enfermer le restaurant.” Chef Lalou whispered to Nigel. As Nigel stepped into the restaurant he was already feeling anxious so he quickly sprinted to the kitchen but Nigel wondered which dish Gordon and his chef would serve for tomorrow night. Instead he just mixed the chillies together so that Gordon would not notice, luckily the chillies were ripe and the same colour red. “ Done.” Nigel wipes his hands so he can get all the chillies off.

Off Nigel went lifting his head held high, as soon as Nigel walked out of the restaurant he clicked his fingers to tell Chef Lalou that it was time to go. But chef Lalou was still shaking and looking hot and bothered even though it was minus 12 outside.

Both Gordon and Nigel woke up to a loud banging on their front doors. It was the police, someone had tipped them off about the illegal chillies.

They came face to face with each other at the Police Station and Nigel and Gordon both admitted their crimes. The police officer decided not to press charges as it was a tit for tat against each other.

Apologies were made between the two chefs and they were sent on their way.

Gordon and Nigel now laugh about it as they open a joint restaurant. But they both realise that revenge isn’t always that sweet!!

By Daisy R., Year 6 student


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