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The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

February 25, 2015 The story of Goldilocks And The Three Aliens

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Once upon a time, there lived a little girl called Goldilocks.

One day her parents said to her “Be a dear and fetch us some apples for an apple pie” and Goldilocks said, “yes” to her mother. So she picked up some apples, but as she was doing so, she saw a slimy green trail and she decided to follow it. The trail led her to a cave.

The cave had spooky things in it like an alien statue made of green slime.

Goldilocks’ mother was very worried about her daughter so she went out to look for her. After some time, she found her and Goldilocks asked her mother, “what are you doing here?” Her mum replied, “I was worried about you!”

Goldilocks saw a big sized alien, a medium sized alien and a small alien. Both Goldilocks and her mother were scared.

Goldilocks’ father was also worried about them too, so he also decided to go out and search for them. Very soon he found them, but it was too late and when the aliens saw Goldilocks’ father they tied him up along with Goldilocks and her mother.

Goldilocks and her mother were surprised that he had been caught, but Goldilocks’ father had his mobile with him and made an urgent call to the police. The police came as quickly as they could and shot the aliens, but they did not die instead they turned into tiny pieces.

So there was only one way to defeat the aliens and that was to set up a war.  “Tomorrow there is going to be a war!” suggested the government.

Everyone woke up and straight away started to prepare for the war, and in ten seconds the government shot the aliens but nothing much happened.

Goldilocks told the government, “If you shoot them four times, they will die.” That was exactly what the government did.

They shot the aliens each four times, the aliens died and they won the war. They were so happy they all had a party and lived happily ever after.

Written by Soliana  Y.


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