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The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

January 3, 2015 Your Mum and Dad are quitting being parents for 24 hours, you are now completely in charge…

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Compose your own set of rules and include your reasons for the changes.


I have decided that my children can go to bed whenever they want, so that they can have lots of fun.

I am going to make my brother, Nobel, do all the horrible chores like washing the dishes, emptying the bins and cleaning the toilets. This is my revenge!

I am going to have a big party that lasts all day. The music is going to be extremely loud and I will invite 1000 people.

I will paint the living room blue and purple with an orange ceiling. We will also have 6 inches of water as carpet so we can swim around.

I am going to completely ban healthy food. We will only eat food like crisps, chocolate, sweets and chocolate biscuits.

I am going to drink wine and lots of fizzy drinks because I am the adult!!!



Nobody is allowed to watch television without my permission because I am the boss.

For dinner, we will only eat unhealthy foods like Pizza, burgers, chicken nuggets and chips.

I will not go to bed until 9am, so that I can play Xbox without anyone disturbing me.

I will go to work as an Astronaut; wearing jeans, Air Max trainers and my cap backwards.

I am going to go out where I want, when I want and I will come back home when I decide to.

I will invite Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo around to my house to play football in my living room.



From now on, I can drink as much fizzy drinks as I choose. Drinks such as Vimto, Coke, Fanta, Tango, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Pepsi and 7Up.

I will not go to bed earlier than 1am so that I will have enough time to watch lots of movies and all the episodes of 24, which is an action series.

I am going to swap bedrooms with my parents so that I will now have the bigger room. I will have a 60 inch tv, a new Apple computer, a brand new Samsung Galaxy 10 mobile and a maid, who will serve me whatever I want, whenever I want.

I will go out wherever I want and come back when I decide to.

Homework is completely banned in my home. Homework is only to be completed at school, anyone found doing homework is grounded for a year.

I will sell my Mum and Dad’s Peugeot and instead drive a a brand new 1 million pound black and red Porsche.



I will quit work for a day because it’s a waste of time and it’s boring!!!

My parents will have to become my slaves and clean my feet due to the fact that I am not bothered.

My parents will have to buy me an enormous mansion with a swimming pool in the garden.

I will play all day long and no one can tell me I should stop otherwise they’ll face the consequences.

My parents will have to take me to the fair and go on every ride I want to.

I will be able to watch all the programmes I’m  normally not allowed as  they are actually very interesting.



We will eat junk food and no longer eat healthy food because I hate healthy food!!!

I will no longer go to work, but we will instead watch adult films and my children can play in the garden for 20 minutes.

My children can stay up as long as they want so they can do a lot of playing.

When the adults take the children to Sainsbury’s, the children can choose whatever they want; like sweets, crisps, chocolates and milkshakes.

My children will not wear school uniform and will finish school at 2 o’clock so they can go home and play on their computers.

My children are allowed to have whatever they want to eat  for breakfast; like biscuits, Haribo and chewing gum.



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