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The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

The Future Belongs to those who prepare for it today...

January 17, 2018 THE FLOOD

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It has been raining non-stop for the last three days, the news reports have suggested that the area you live in is going to be flooded within hours. You have to leave your home, you are unsure where to and you have been told you can only take your most prized possession. Your task is to describe what is your most prized possession and why you would take this item with you.

My most prized possession is the first English book Mr Squire gave me; because in the middle there is a code to crack. Then you can ask it to turn into anything you want. An aeroplane, car, van or train just a few of the many options. It could also turn into house or give you advice if you were struggling with something like homework. This book is also full of amazing facts and bits of information, but I am not really allowed to reveal too much as the information is top secret. Around the book is a type of rare jewellery called Millennium and it is worth approximately, £8,000,000.

I have been rather generous and have told you more than I am actually supposed to. I cannot tell you anymore as even my parents are unaware of the secrets this books contains and how much it is worth.

Thank you you for reading about my most prized possession and my reasons for choosing it. I hope you enjoyed reading.

As I did not want to get any lines I decided to borrow some ideas and get inspiration from the F.S.C.E. Tutors Blog. As I have been honest this is not actually plaigarism!!!

Eliana T. Year 5


If there is going to be a flood, I have to take my most prized possession, but I have loads; although the I think I have a possession that is better than all the ones I previously considered. My Most prized possession is actually a book.

I think I may know what you are thinking… A book? What good could a book bring during a flood??? Well, this book contains all the names and details of all the members of my family; starting from the very first.

I was given this book to pass on to my children and for them to pass on to their children. For it to be drenched and spoilt during the flood would be an absolute horrific disaster.

It also has a secret code and safe , somewhere in Northern England. My family have been searching for it since 1585 when Tom A********** buried it for us to find. Well that’s what my dad told me!!! If we find the safe and manage to break the code, it might have a prize for us and maybe we can buy a new house.

Hopefully you enjoyed my brief explanation of my most prized poseesion.

Cruz  A . Year 6 

My most prized possession is my solid gold trophy I won for being a top student in all subjects at a secondary  school (Bottle Sharks). It’s shaped like a majestical student who looks really proud of himself. Why I would take it is because it’s solid gold and worth approximately £2,000,000; but apart from its value, it reminds of the time when I won it, a very happy and proud moment for myself.

Apparently there are loads and loads of secrets about this statue too, that even my parents and I are unaware of. This item is so precious that I am unable to tell you much about it. What I can tell you is that, if you say a secret code to unlock it, it can help or advise you with a piece of work that you are struggling with. I have also heard that it is possible for it to turn into a mini-human and protect its owner if anyone is being rude or offensive.

There are way more things this magical-like trophy can do, but again, I can’t say too much.

I hope you have enjoyed reading why I take this item with me.

David M. Year 6


My most prized possession is very important to me, so important I have already decided it will be in my hands when I am in my grave, dead.

My most prized possession is my Bible and my reason for choosing this is because it originally belonged to my brother Randy. Before I got to know my brother well, he sadly passed away as a baby. I have pictures of him, but the reason why I didn’t choose the pictures is because I feel having something that belonged to him allows me to feel close and to remember him also.

Having his Bible makes me feel safe, it makes me feel that my brother, Jesus and God are making me safe and guiding me through the hardest thing called LIFE.

Before choosing my Bible I had many second thoughts or things that I could have chosen as my most prized possession, but after careful consideration, I was sure my decision to choose my Bible was the correct one.

Miguel M. Year 6


My most prized possession was hard to choose because I have many; but as I could only choose one, it would have to be a framed picture of my best friend and I.

My frame is very special as it is made out of the rarest and most valuable stone in the entire world, Musgravite. Therefore, in case my family and I need a new house, I could sell the frame to buy a new one, as it is worth millions, maybe even billions!!!

The picture was given to me as a token, which can be used as ID for government buildings anywhere in the world. My best friend is a top M.I.5 agent and as an agent, she has to change her appearance during missions and this is the last real photograph of her.

My valuable photo is printed on a special piece of paper, which can talk, and it gives me a lot of advice. This technology is so new that I am not actually allowed to explain it in great detail.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my special picture and its special value. I would ask that you keep this information to yourself as it may jeopardise the safety of my family and I!

Eliana T. Year 6


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